Páll Eyjólfsson is born in Reykjavík 1958.  He began his studies at the age of 6 in "Barnamúsíkskóli Reykjavíkur" a childrens music school, where Stefán Edelstein was the headmaster.  Today this school is called "Tónmenntaskóli Reykjavíkur" Tms.  The Violin was his main instrument, tought by Gígja Jóhannsdóttir. Páll  graduated from "Barnamúsíkskólinn" 14 years old.  At that time had awokened his interests in  classical guitarplaying and therefore he joined "Gítarskólinn" a guitar school directed by Eythór  Thorláksson  Guitar School

Páll graduated from "Gítarskólinn" with a soloist diploma in Spring 1981.  In 1978 Páll graduated from the collage "Menntaskólinn við Sund"  MS  and some further musical studies from " Tónlistarskólinn í Reykjavík" Tono  in 1980.  During these years of  studying Páll was giving lessons as a guitar teacher  at "Tónlistarskólinn í Mosfellssveit" and at "Tónmenntaskóli Reykjavíkur".  At this time Páll was obsessed by the Guitar, studied some with Erik Mogensen, now a composer in Iceland  who had studied with José Tomas in Alicante, Spain. Páll aswell listened to a lot of  Recordings by John Williams, Julian Briem, Segovia, Diango and Jazz these years.

After the guitarist Pétur Jónasson came back from studying with Manuel López Ramos in Mexico, Páll studied one winter 1981 - 1982 with Pétur.  

In Spring 1982 Páll went for further studies to Spain, to Alcoy in the Alicante part of Valencia.  In Alcoy Páll studied with José Luís González JLG, which was one of Andrés Segovias students Segovia. José Luís had worked for many years (1962 - 1968) in Sydney City Studio in Australia (Casa Ricordi in Sydney) where he made lots of recordings and lived as a private teacher.  Páll studied with Maestro José Luís untill Autumn 1984,  in private lessons all year round. After these studies in Spain Páll has gone to join "Master Classes" most summer seasons with  Maestros such as José Luís González, John Williams JW, Paco Peña, Benjamin Verdery BV and Manuel Babiloni.  Aswell Páll, in cooperation with other guitarists, has organised "Master Classes" for Icelandic students, with  guitarists of the highest quality, held in Iceland. The  guitarists that have given lessons are names such as José Luís González, David Russell,  Manuel Barruego Barrueco, Oskar Ghiglia, Timo Korhonen from Finland and Manuel Babiloni, but Babiloni won the Tarrega prize in 1984 Tarrega.

José Luís González passed away in March 1998 the night after recording his last CD, where he played pieces of  Tarrega.  His widow said that he gave his heart to Tarrega.
This was a great loss to the guitarworld.  José Luís González had a very good talent to perform a beautiful tone from any guitar he touched. He really played with his heart, any audience could feel that maestro.

After studying with José Luís Gonzalez, Páll Eyjólfsson has been an active interpretor in Iceland tonleikar as a soloist and in ensemble with other musicians Ensembles

Páll works aswell as a tutor en Reykjavík:  In Tónmenntaskóli Reykjavíkur Tms, Tónlistarskólinn í Reykjavík Tono and Tónskóli Sigursveins D. Kristinssonar  TSDK

Páll is married to Signý Kjartansdóttir since January 5th 1980 and they have two daughters; Aldís Pálsdóttir, born September 17th 1980 and Vera Pálsdóttir born December 6th 1993.  Páll and Signý used to work as Guides en Benidorm during the summer season in 1983, and again from 1989 to 1993 for Reykjavík Travel in cooperation with Viajes Costa Blanca.

Páll is a member of  "Félag  íslenskra tónlistarmanna (FÍSTÓN) and Félag  tónlistarskólakennara (FT) which is a member of  Kennarasambandi Íslands (KÍ) teacher.  He has been a member of the directory of these organisations,  and been on FÍT's behalf seated at the Society of Icelandic Artists meetings Art. On behalf of FT Páll has organiced a "further studies fund" for FT members, that is for continuous studies for music teachers, members of FT and FÍH.

Páll has participated in many concerts with among others the following musical groups and organisations: Ung Nordisk Musik, CAPUT caput, Myrkir músíkdagar, Musica Nova,   Íslenska hljómsveitin  Guðmundur Emilsson, Kammersveit  Reykjavíkur, Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands sinfonia,  Reykjavík Art Festival Artfest, Tónlist  fyrir alla, félag  um stofnun tónlistarhúss Musichallfund, http://www.portusgroup.is/, video and einleikarafelag

Páll was one of those who founded and bought the first shares in The Icelandic Orchestra and the Iceland Academy of Arts Academy

Páll plays a Ramirez guitar, handmade in Madrid.