When Páll came home from his studies in Spain in 1984 he had found out that being a classical guitarist, a soloist, can be a very lonely lifestyle.  No collegues at all.  Therefore it was not far from his mind to let the guitar join other instruments.   That is why he happily accepted when shortly after the arrival to Iceland Páll was asked to perform with the flutist Kolbeinn Bjarnason at a concert helt at The Univercity of Iceland, organized by a Nordic Ocean Peace organisation where they performed pieces by Atli Heimir Sveinsson, Thorkell  Sigurbjörnsson and others.  This was the start of a very successful cooperation of these two "soloists" and awokened Páls interests for "Contemporary Music".  This Icelandic and "Modern Music" was a complete opposite to the Romantic Spanish Music he had mostly been practicing with his teacher in Alcoy. These first semesters Páll was aswell introduced to Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM)  but in 1985 was to be held an UNM festival in Helsinki.  A young composer Mist Thorkelsdóttir  wrote for that purpose a piece for Páll Eyjólfsson, a duo named  Danslag to a lyric by Steinn Steinarr.  This piece was dedicated to Páll, for guitar and vox but it could be performed aswell for solo guitar, then named Dans.  Páll premiered this piece at the Nordic House in Reykjavík with Swedish Anders Josepsson, bariton but the UNM festival in Finland was never helt.  In  1985 UNM was helt in Ĺrhus in Denmark and there Páll performed the Danslag  with an altvoice Jóhanna Linnett. That same year Páll performed at his debut concert in Reykjavík and on a  Musica Nova concert in Áskirkja in Reykjavík the Dans.  He had been performing in various towns in Iceland, as a soloist and as a duo with the flutist Kolbeinn. Páll and Kolbeinn gave an interesting concert 1986 in Gerduberg in Reykjavík, but at that time Gerduberg was a newly built cultural center in Reykjavík. In January 1989 Páll and Kolbeinn  gave aswell an interesting performance at the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam in Holland, but a part of that performance was broadcasted  overseas by the Television station  Stöđ 2 aswell theire premiere of Suite by Hjálmar H. Ragnarsson.  Páll and Kolbeinn travelled all around Iceland, introducing theire music to scolars all over the island.  One of the pieces they introduced was "Tierkreiz" by Karlheinz Stockhausen.
Páll and Kolbeinn rehersing at Fálkagata in 1985 Páll and Kolbeinn practising in Álfheimar, 1990 Páll and Laufey performing  in Akureyri,  1997 Páll and Magnea preparing for the Nordic house 2006

In 1997  CAPUT published a CD with Sveinn Lúđvík Björnssons' compositions, CD where Páll and Kolbeinn interprete the pieced "Silence in the Thunder" and "Leaving a Shadow" by Sveinn.  When Kolbeinn dedicated most of his time to the directing of  CAPUT theire cooperation came to a stop. By that time Páll had been working quite a lot with the violinist Laufey  Sigurđardóttir. Theire first performance was at an opening of an exhibition at The Modern Art Museum in 1986 nylo  and again in 1988 in  Akureyri. Since then they have been cooperationg constantly and theire repertoire is still increasing. In the late 80's Páll aswell gave a concert with the sopran singer Ingibjörg  Sveinsdóttir, which had been elected by RUV to some revords. This concert was helt at an Art Museum  Listasafn  Sigurjóns Ólafssonar  museum in Laugarnes in Reykjavík by the seaside, where Páll used to play as a child. 

John Speight, a bariton singer and a composer, coteacher with Páll at  Tónskóli Sigursveins D. Kristinssonar and later a director of  the Icelandic Composers Society, composed a few pieces for Páll and asked him to perform others he had written earlier.  This cooperation lead among other things to the recording of a Guitarconcert in 1990, where Páll plaied with The Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra, symphony conducted by Gudmundur Óli Gunnarsson, as a soloist.  This concert has been broadcasted several times by RUV. And a remarkable recording was made by the National Television in Iceland where Páll plaied "Echoes of Orpheus" by John Speight, where Páll hums and whistles in one of the acts.

An other composer, Hródmar Ingi Sigurbjörnsson wrote a Trio in 1989 to a lyric by Gyrdir Elíasson.  This he composed for Páll and a fagott and an Alt voice. This Trio was performed at a concert organised by The Icelandic Orchestra at Langholtskirkja on February 11, 1990 with Páll Eyjólfsson on the guitar, Rúnar Vilbergsson playing the fagott and the Altvoice Jóhanna V. Thórhallsdóttir singing. At this concert Páll plaied aswell in a Quartet by Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson and a Quintet by Atli Heimir Sveinsson.  One of these years Páll aswell performed with Kammersveit Reykjavíkur at a concert by The Nordic Music Days in Iceland at Langholtskirkja in a quintet by the Swedish composer Arne Mëlnes named Pieces fugitives.

In 1996 the firm SKREF published a CD with Páll Eyjólfsson and the violinist Laufey Sigurdardóttir with works written by Italian composers, such as Corelli, Paganini and Tartini.  And the very prospectus year 1996 Páll and Laufey aswell performed at the Art Festival in Thorshavn "Sumartónar í Fćreyjum" where they performed among other pieces the "Vapp" composed for them by Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson. In 1998  Páll and Laufey gave a few concerts at a Baroque Festival in the rigion of  Valencia, near Castellon in Spain that is in Villafames church and VilaReal.  In the year 2000 the cooperation of Páll and Laufey led to a concert in Helsinki, Finland where they among other pieces premiered a piece named "Gefjun" composed for them by Hilmar Thordarson. This they performed at Salurinn in Kópavogur at a "portrait concert of Hilmar Thordarson" the 27th of March 2001. And in June 7, 2002 Páll and Laufey gave  a Concert at Kobenhagen Round Tower as a few in Iceland.

Páll has aswell performed with the flautists Magnea Árnadóttir and Martial Nardeau the recent years.  The sound of these two unlike instruments seems to make a great harmony.  Páll and Magnea performed at Reykjavík Art Festival this spring 2002 and The Nordic house in Reykjavík 2006. Latest Concert with a flutist was at Salurinn www.salurinn.is with Pamela De Sensi, November 2012.

In June 2000   Páll participated with Óperustúdío Austurlands at the Opera The barber in Seville, at Eidar directed by Keith Reed. In that same tour Páll performed with the flautist Stefán Höskuldsson and pianist Elzaveta Kopelman.

Páll has urged to ensembles with 2-20 or more guitarists, with his students and with his fellow guitarplayers.  Lately 4 guitarplayers plaied at The Icelandic Art Museum, at "Myrkir músíkdagar" a consert organized by "The Icelandic Composers Society" the guitarpart of a piece by Atli Heimir Sveinsson "Tíminn og vatniđ" composed to a text from a sonamed poem by Steinn Steinarr.  Páll participated aswell when this piece was premiered in 1994 at The Art Festival of Reykjavík with "Kammersveit Reykjavíkur" conducted by Paul Zukofsky Neue MusikZeitung.